Photography by Christian Spies

About Me

I am Ignacio Villanueva, a spanish front-end developer focused on architecture, front-end performance and mobile and responsive web design.

I co-host WeCodeSign, a weekly podcast about front-end, UX and web design. Co-organize Open Source Weekends, a monthly Open Source meetup and also co-founded (one of the biggest conferences about front-end development in Spain).

Not being a native English speaker, I apologize in advance for any spelling or grammatical errors, so; if you find one and want to let me know, write at

This year and a half, I have discovered my greatest passion.

Someone said before: Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life


I dare call myself someone who likes learning, I am also constantly tweeting, writing about the web, graphic design and other topics.

Someone advised me once: Don't give up, keep trying


So I work harder every day, learning to be up to date.

You can follow me on Twitter, fork me on Github, subscribe via RSS Feed or say hello at

About this site

I use tools and services that make my life much simpler.

This site is built on Jekyll, an static site generator and hosted on Github Pages under the IgnaciodeNuevo / repository.

The site is written in Sass, and built from scratch.

The font used is Roboto, and is served via Google Fonts. The photograph used on the homepage’s masthead is of me and was taken by Damián Fernández.

The icons used are Material Design Icons or are maded by me.