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Ignacio Villanueva a Front-end Developer focusing front-end architecture, front-end performance and responsive web design.

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Platform to improve your wellbeing where professionals helps people improve their lifes.

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Episodio 2x05 - Camino a la programación funcional

Camino a la programación funcional

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I have met few people so eager to succeed, growing as a professional every day and is certainly, a candidate of great value to any agency.

Luis Martín, Martin & Young

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Arquitecturas CSS Escalables

El CSS en proyectos grandes puede ser inmanejable por ello veremos ejemplos prácticos de uso para solucionar estos problemas

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Indie Web Camp Brighton 2016

My experience going to the Indie Web Camp Brighton


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Harry Roberts

I’m a web developer from England. My actual job title is Consultant Front-end Architect—I travel the world to help clients of all shapes and sizes write better, faster, more scalable, more maintainable CSS.



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