Interviews with Developers

It does not happen that often, but sometimes I have the pleasure to interview some of the most amazing web developers arround the globe!

Many will realize that I haven't interviewed any woman but as far as I have tried, no woman has accepted, so if you are one, let me interview you! We need #womenintech

Harry Roberts's portrait

Harry Roberts

I’m a web developer from England. My actual job title is Consultant Frontend Architect—I travel the world to help clients of all shapes and sizes write better, faster, more scalable, more maintainable CSS.

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Richard Rutter's portrait

Richard Rutter

I’m a web person through and through. Day to day I help run Clearleft, a digital design consultancy and studio I co-founded. Within that, I’m a user experience designer and a web typography advocate/consultant.

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Stephen Hey's portrait

Stephen Hey

I'm a designer who codes. I was schooled as a designer, did print design and later art direction for several years. Then I started doing web design and learned frontend technologies.

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Brad Frost's portrait

Brad Frost

Generally speaking, I make websites. I'm a frontend web designer by trade, and increasingly I consult with organizations to help them make better web experiences.

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Ben Schwarz's portrait

Ben Schwarz

Probably over excited about the wrong things! I’m generally really focused on whatever my brain leads me to — and I’m really great at neglecting (important) things that aren’t interesting to me.

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Kitty Giraudel's portrait

Kitty Giraudel

My name is Kitty. I am a French frontend developer about to turn 24 and living in Berlin, Germany. I am working at Edenspiekermann, where I can play with HTML, CSS (Sass & CSS Modules) and JavaScript (React) on a daily basis.

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