Maximiliano Firtman

To all those don’t meet you yet. How do you describe yourself?

Maximiliano Firtman's prtrait

I’m a mobile+web developer, trainer, author and speaker. I’m focused on bringing great experiences on mobile devices, both with native and web technologies.

When you started developing, what were some common mistakes you made along the way?

I don’t think mistakes are something wrong. Every mistake you make, is a new thing you’ve learnt.

Frontend seems to be easy until you start to learning. How do you face the challenge of learning new things?

Frontend involves several technologies that you need to learn and use at the same time. The best way to learn is to do things, that is, create a project and then you’ll face every problem. If you just learn in theory, it’s not going to work.

What would you qualify as the top few problems facing developers today?

Choosing the technology for a project. There are so many technologies and frameworks that makes a lot of confusion for developers

What was your first development job and how you faced it?

My first program was a Norton Commander-clon (a DOS-based file explorer) in Pascal. It was a challenge only for myself. After that, I’ve created some digital magazines and some commercial products, that is before the web appeared. I faced it with time and books.

What was the most challenging project you ever faced and why?

A multiplatform mobile game back in the 2G era. I had a 64Kb limit for the app’s package, screens of 128x96 pixels and a terrible 2G connection using GPRS.

What excites you most these days?

IoT and smart home is the next step and how to connect everything from a mobile phone.

What is the most important thing you’ve learned?

That you will never stop learning.

Do you have any advice for new developers just starting their career journey?

It’s challenging but rewarding, so don’t give up quickly! And remember that everything is going to change, so prepare yourself for learning every day and don’t get mad when technology changes

What can we expect from Maximiliano in the future? Anything you want to share?

A new book is coming: High Performance Mobile Web and new video trainings for O’Reilly Media. Also, I expect to travel to new countries, I’ve reached the 50 countries milestone, so I have several more to come.

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