In this post I will try to compile the things I use to work in my day to day, computer, peripherals such as mouse, desktop, chair and above all, software. I think that we focus a lot on things of little importance and other more necessary things we overlook.

I really like sharing what I use, so this post will be about my development workspace and programs.

This post was inspired by the following tweets (1st is in spanish):



Mac computers are used in Frontend but today I develop on Windows 10 and I have no laptop.

My only and main machine to developt at home is a ten years old computer. My CPU is an Intel Core2 Duo Processor from 2006 mounted on an Asus P5E motherboard, with two hard drives, the main one is a 74gb Western Digital Raptor and the second one is a 500gb Western Digital Black Edition. I have 4gb of RAM with a nVIDIA GT240 graphics card.

Tweet: ⚡️ Inspirado por @carlosazaustre: Mi setup en casa!

Tweet: ⚡️ @wesbos: It's actually Cobalt2. I wrote a bit of info here.


I have an Asus VS247 24” monitor.

Mobile Devices and Peripherals

As developer is necessary to test websites so I have some other devices, an old Samsung Galaxy S3, one Motorla Moto G 1st Edition, one Motorla Moto G 2st Edition, one Motorla Moto G 2015, one HTC M7, one iPhone 4, one Samsung Galaxy Tab and one iPad Mini 2 a Sonyx Xperia Z Tablet and growing.

Update: I added a brand new iPhone 6s Plus and an old Samsung Galaxy Y.

One of the best things I bought is my black Cherry MX 3000 mechanical keyboard wich cost me 80€.

Encima —Cherry MX 3000 Keyboard

I’m proud to have a Logitech G600 Gaming mouse wich have been used for gaming wich cost me 65€, it slides on an Icemat 2nd Edition Mouse Pad, it was a gift to do an analysis for 10-12 years ago.

Encima —Logitech G600 Gaming Mouse

As a ex videogame player I use a Sennheiser PC 350 headset but now it is used to talk with clients via Skype and… (you’ll see next week I hope).

I rarely use my Wacom Intuos 3 A5.


I have a Comtrend CT 5361 Router from Telefonica at home with 30mb cable conection.


I like space, so I bougth some time ago a Thyge Desktop from Ikea.


I bought recently an Embody Herman Miller because I spend 10-12hours a day working.

Development Apps

Editor + Terminal

Sublime Text v3 beta is my editor — I tried Dreamweaver, Brakets but aren’t at Sublime Text levels for my own personal use.

Encima —Sublime Text Editor

The command prompt Node.js is installed when you install Node.js.

Desktop Apps

I use Text Expander for Windows for my code snippets.

I use Evernote to keep my notes and taks.

I design almost entirely in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

I use Prepros to compile Sass and CSS prefixing, It comes with built in server for cross browser testing. I upload and version control my code via GitHub Desktop for GitHub Repositories and Sourcetree for BitBucket Repositories.

My projects are served to my test devices via Ghostlab and chat with other developers on Twitter and Slack with other developers.