Hello World

Hi! First clarify that this is going to be the blog of my personal trip into Frontend Develpment, where I'll be sharing my thougts on many topics related to Web Industry, CSS and Sass, architecture, frontend performance, accessibility, typography and responsive web design.

Lets start.

I’ve built this site is because I have a problem, a big one and I want to fix it. Really like is to improve my writing skills due to, I am not a native English speaker and think I don’t write well enought so, this one week blog post idea might help me to step by step write better every post I’ll publish. I’m really trying to do my best to improve as a Frontend and with my writing skills. Besides this another thing that could help me is to fill this blank space, where everyone seems to be scared.

Build the entire site in Spanish, my mother tongue, would of course be easier; but we live as Web Developers on the Internet, where people use to write in English, where Web Documentation use to be in English to and where articles, tutorials, videos, newsletters and much more is also in English so the way to communicate with many others is to write better. (If someone wants to know anything about I’ve written and don’t understand write me at ignaciodenuevo@posteo.net.

Knowing this, I really appreciate that if someone ever read this gives me feedback at ignaciodenuevo@posteo.net, Twitter or in the comments below.

Writing, giving talks, and creating demos has been one of the best ways to force myself to dive in and fully understand something, inside and out. Even if no one ever reads what you write, the process of doing it is more than worth it. @philwalton

Writing about unknown topics is a way to force me to investigate about them and force myself to learn new things, one ot the hardest things ever, getting out of your comfort zone and explore new technologies, chat about problems in our industry like women in tech, the myth of web developer unicorns and so on.

So, I’ll be writting every week, don’t know what about but this is my beginning of a long and awesome trip.

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