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The project

ViewSports is an Android and iOS sports social network, a social network to “rule them all” where everyone can participate with their favorite sports.

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The problem

A team of four people should be small enought to have a good communication, one project manager (Antonio) and a designer (Jaime) who also where co-founders of the startup I’ve worked for, a full-stack developer (Jorge) and me as front-end designer, but until the end of the project we faced some communcation problems due to living different locations.

This was my first project freelancing so, it has been difficult assuming my client’s deadlines. Working remotely was another big challenge in this project and working for a small kind off startup was also another challenge I’ve faced during this App development.

The last problem I faced during two months was to learn how to use a framework like Ionic while developing and as every framework it has advantajes and disadvantage. One big thing was that Ionic has no accordions, so Jorge built one with the help of JavaScript to use it in the Palmarés section.

The process

Antonio as project manager initially had meeting with their clients every week. Jaime helped the team wireframing and doing the flow between screens while Jorge managed to build the back-end and JavaScript interactions with the code I uploaded every night.

Every morning, the team had a meeting via Skype to see what we did the day before and what is needed to do during that day, Jaime who usually work from home in the south of Madrid, Antonio and Jorge in the South West and I working in the north of Madrid.

Jaime was programmer with no knowledge of graphic or web design, so I helped him with several icons design and optimization.

At the end of February they started testing the Android App with different devices in Android, now they are ending the iOS version.

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The tech

As all the projects I’ve worked for, until now we used BitBucket private free Git repositories. Ionic as a light weight mobile friendly framework based on Angular (as Jorge told me) because I’m learning JavaScript

One great thing about Ionic was it’s easy component based system.

As back-end Jorge build the database communication with the front-end via Laravel a PHP framework.

We optimized our .SVG icons via SVGO GUI built by the incredible Google’s engineer Jake Archibald, an useful tool I found via Twitter.

We used Wunderlist to keep pending things up-to-date.

Final Thoughts

The hardest thing I’ve learned in this project was to efficiently communicate remotely with other coworkers and share code and assets every day.

I would have made the App by having other deadlines, as allways another terrible problem when you work for the customer of a client.

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