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The project

With this website I’ve learned a lot. One of the most challenging proyects ever in my career.

Designing this website for small and large screens took us a while, because in the agency I was working for, one of our clients designed herself the look & feel. So the problem that our designers had was to design a complex UX/UI to help our client’s look & feel. We had the challenge of creating an eCommerce to sell professional beauty products to private customers and companies in Spain.

After a long research by the UX team we finally camed with several conclusions to help us build Telebelleza, my first eCommerce development project, which I am proud of.

Telebelleza's Home Page

The process

Telebelleza's Blog

As I have said one of our clients camed with a finished design so wireframing was the easiest part of the process. Before that we’ve spent a couple of days researching other eCommerces and fisical beauty product shops to help organice the architecture of the website, once this was done we ended with the solution of our navigation sytem from a card sorting tree, one of the techniques most simple and most used for the categorization of content of a site.

The cliend also camed us with the logo she wanted, maded by her so we only had the chance to implement it in the final design.

The tech

Telebelleza's Ofertas Flash

As in every project I work, I try to apply last things I’ve learned to improve our scalability and clean code. So as the last thing I had read was SMACSS a book by Jinathan Snook we implemented aswell with my favourite class aproach, BEM classe which helped us to modularize small components of this website.

We decided to use PrestaShop to build Telebelleza, a great CMS to build eCommerce websites with good payment modules such as payment gateways.

We used as code review sistem BitBucket as it is a Git based repository.

As mentioned, the platform was built on top of PrestaShop, which was hosted on webempresa, which was our main Host provider.

During the testing time, we had several problems due to PrestaShop’s stability, so every time we update anything we had to make a backup and cross our fingers and hope nothing breaks. We couldn’t use Magento as our CMS so we opted to the smaller, lighter and faster PrestaShop.

Final Thoughts

As every project, after finishing it I would have done things another way to avoid some mistakes.

First we should helped our client with the look and feel

Second if I have had the opportunity I would have built the platform using Magento as our main framework to avoid PrestaShop’s unstability.

My former boss and ex coworkers are still dealing with PrestaShop and it problems. I hope they’ll have no problems.

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