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The project

This is the first project I helped while I was at Martin & Young and one of the easiest in my entire career but at allways you have new challenges when starting a project. I had never used WordPress to build something so it was the what we used to make Asesores LowCost.

We helped one of our best clients (a law firm based in Madrid) to sell one new service.

Asesores LowCost's Home Page

The process

When I started working at Martin & Young my boss helped me understanding how WordPress templates works and why we used some plugins at Asesores LowCost’s website like the following:

I know I know, some of them aren’t used in this website but others are used in Camiseta Total which we also mantain for other of our clientes.

Developing a website for online consulting and accounting for freelancers and companies we choose grey and blue as corporate colors. The client knew his clients were middle-age freelancers and small companies, so he chose sober colors to match the look and feel of their main company.

The tech

Asesores LowCost's Blog

As all our projects we used BitBucket as day to day Git based repository with the help of SourceTree App, we choose WordPress as our CMS because it was a small informative website so we have never had the necessity to use a bigger one.

We couldn’t build this website from scratch due to our deadlines so all our team available and our project manager who also was our boss, Luis Martín worked together throughout the week to finish the project as quickly as possible.

As mentioned, the platform was built on top of WordPress, which was hosted on webempresa as every of our projects because they have the best customer service I know.

Final Thoughts

I would have made the website by making a custom template instead of buying one and modifying the global.css which is not a good practice.

Knowing how to manage some plugins and templates would helped us to build the website faster instead of reading lot of tutorials, but now I know lot of new things about WordPress.

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