Photo Daniel Martínez

Daniel Martinez

To all those don’t meet you yet. How do you describe yourself?

I am an UI Developer very bad at JavaScript.

When you started developing, what were some common mistakes you made along the way?

Not being organised

Front-end seems to be easy until you start to learning. How do you face the challenge of learning new things?

It’s not a challenge. I love to learn. And there are always things to learn.

What would you qualify as the top few problems facing developers today?

Developers itself. We put all these rules and all these trending tools that sometimes complicate things more than they help.

How would you recommend somebody to start learning web development?

Offer yourself to create your uncle’s bakery website, or any friend website that lets you practice.

What are the things you would have known when you first started?

I’m starting, I expect to know nothing.

When starting a new project, if you feel stuck where do you look for inspiration?

Videogames usually. Not because I lack inspiration, but as a distraction.

What was your first development job and how you faced it?

Plain raw HTML.

What was the most challenging project you ever faced and why?

My first remote project. Was hard for me to get into the team workflow.

Can you describe your workflow when you create HTML, CSS and JavaScript from scratch?

I don’t. I have my own frameworks and templates, so I don’t repeat myself.

What excites you most these days?

My girlfriend. Just as the days before.

What is the most important thing you’ve learned?

To be organised, with code and with things surrounding you.

Do you have any favorite books, videos, or resources that you could share with the readers?

Lara Hogan - Designing for performance book is awesome.

I attend to a life changing workshop with Andy Clarke in Freiburg. You should go to a full day workshop with the “reference” guy in a topic you want to learn.

Do you have any advice for new developers just starting their career journey?

Don’t use Bootstrap.

What can we expect from Wakkos in the future? Anything you want to share?

I want to work remotely 100%, and maybe I’ll be sharing pics of the cities I visit. =)