FAQ: Frequently asked questions

If you are looking for some help here are some things, questions that may help you before sending me an email. So feel free to read them and ask me anything if you have any doubt.

Do contact me if:

Do not contact me if:

Other things you might be asking yourself:

Will I work on your project?

Thanks so much for wanting me to do some front-end on your project. So if you want my help say hi at ignaciodenuevo@gmail.com ant we’ll chat.

Will I speak at your conference/company?

I’m really love talking about the Web and as much I love talking about the Web I only accept talks where I can speak in Spanish (by now). I also love to talk to agencies, companies, and organizations about web design, responsive design, front-end architecture and web performance. I want to help others to do better work but, I can only afford to travel to places where the journey and the stay is paid.

Will I contribute to your blog, website, magazine etc?


Can I use your slides/images/videos in my presentation/article/book?

Thanks for asking! Yes, you can use any of my materials in your work whenever you read this.