Ironhack journal - Last two weeks and final review

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Ironhack Bootcamp Jurnal

Last two weeks

Where to start…

First of all, thanks to all the TAs, Teachers an people like Isaura, Lluis, Alberto Marcos and so on that maded this possible. I feel now part of the Ironhack family.

Marcos laptop and breakfast

Marcos laptop and breakfast

I’m sorry that it took me so long to make my this post, but here it is.

The last two weeks were dedicated to our final project. I chose to build “Delivery Food App”, a platform that aims to help people with food intolerances to find food to eat around Madrid, as simple as that, where users can browse filtering many allergens to choose the food they want.

It was eleven days of 12 to 16 hours a day coding. I have to admit that I haven’t been more stressed and tired in my entire life than by the end of those eleven days.

Last Thursday we presented our projects to all our classmates, but I wasn’t able to do it due to my nerves (first time in my life that something like that happends to me).

On friday 29th of August we presented it to a jury, 4 people of different companies, a CTO and his startup co-founder, a freelance developer and a Senior developer. The good part of the presentation was to recive feedback from this talented professionals.

The Hackshow

The jury delivered for 20 minutes after taking notes of our projects and… I WAS CHOSEN AS A FINALIST with three other Ironhackers. Woohh!

We presented our projects in front of 40-50 people in Google Campus Madrid, a beautiful place where lot of sartups work. I’m happy that people liked my project and I received that much feedback. Also, as a finalist for the top projects, I was sad that not a single video was taken by Ironhack.

Take a look to my Delivery Food App’s code. It will be uploaded soon.

This new experience has made me think a lot on my future. Within the hiring days, non of us (as far as I know) got a job offer, but things will change soon.

Now, as I was writing this post, one month after Ironhack ended I have lot of new ideas to develop and what I want to do now as front-end developer with a good friend I’ve made at Campus Madrid.

Hackshow one

Hackshow attendees part one

Hackshow two

Hackshow attendees part two

Ironhack Review

I’ve learned a lot, I now understand lot of new things, how to structure a Rails project, how to develop an API, how and why to do TDD and much more.

I’m always honest about my reviews. This is part of my own opinion of my whole Bootcamp experience. Something that I wish someone would have told me before joining the Bootcamp.

Before deciding to attend Ironhack, I looked a lot for coding Bootcamps around Europe, but mostly in the UK and found one about fullstack JavaScript development (front-end and back-end with Node.js) but unfortunately they have had no remaining spots. Living in Madrid helped me a lot deciding where to apply. Also all the reviews were almost 5 stars, so I decided to prepare for the journey.

My biggest problem was to apply so late. With no experience at all programming I only had twenty-five days to do online tutorials and practice few simple coding challenges. I was surprised that the interview process was so easy, maybe because the main focus of the Bootcamp is to take students from 0% to 70%.

After recieving the email only one hour after finishing the technical test I called him again to chat about how easy was the interview.

Each week we had to complete two surveys on the quality of our instructors. This speaks so good about the quality and goals of Ironhack.

We also were told that there would be extensive career help and that the hiring rate was 98%.

How can you claim to have a 98% rate of hired students when not even 50% of the students are showing up at interviews? I have plans for my career and what to do now, learn JavaScript, but after a month of Ironhack ended we where only helped to find four interviews. They also gave us tree more job offers but to be serious Álvaro (Madrid Bootcamp’s Manager) told us many times that his job is to help us with resume reviews… and to be honest we where on August. I hope things will change next hiring week.

We only had problems with one teacher. But she was fired (I think) and the current cohort had a pair of Ruby teachers (so good).

Other problem we had at Cink Emprende where Ironhack was held was the light. So bad, we had lot of problems paying attention the projector’s screen (how are developers supposed to code for over 10-12 hours a day with this environment light?).

There were A LOT of students that haven’t even finished the pre-work before coming to class, and where so lost on the basic concepts (me for example).

The biggest problem to me was the noise. As I said we were at a coworking space and we had a meeting’s room in a door next to our class and lot of people were coming and going speaking loudly without thinking about us and leaving the door open… zero respect.

I truly hope you view this feedback as constructive more than anything. Everyone wants to see Ironhack succeed, but without some adjustments it will be not such as great as we wanted.

I’ve been asked A LOT about my experience at Ironhack, thanks to my Podcast with Gonzalo Manrique, founder of Ironhack.

I’ll definitly take another Bootcamp in the next few years, this time one made in the USA and only if I can find one about JavaScript.

Ironhackers Cohort (Madrid 2016) - Fullstack Bootcamp

Reinier, Alex, Fernanda, Marcos, Tristan, Daniel, Satwat, me and Magnus
Our missing classmate Nacho was added magically! 🙂

Lastly, but not less important, thanks to my classmates and teaching assistants for making this Bootcamp such an amazing and INTENSE experience. I hope to hear from you soon.

I would like to Ironhack to change some things, it was a good experience. I would recommend people to apply for sure but I would like them to be honest about the hiring rate and not telling half truths. I also would like to help Ironhackers and other people to continue their coding career with my experience.

It has been two INTENSIVE but so good months… I will never forget this, so many photographs…

Last thing for new frontenders I would recommend them to take a look at my learning resources list to know where to start learning. Keep in touch Ironhackers!

If you are reading this and want to apply to Ironhack ask me anithing, many new things are coming, new Madrid headquarters (opening at the end of 2016). They are moving to a new place! I’m so nervous to see what happens.

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