Ironhack journal - Week[3]

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We met Javi Velasco on monday morning. He is a front-end developer living in Madrid, he is the developer of React Toolbox an awesome Material Design Tool for React.

Started learning about box-model and positioning (an easy part for me), fortunately I knew everything. After that we learnt about positioning. Fortunately knowing every topic in this morning class I have been able to help my classmates, wich usually is the oposit, I had the opportunity to help Reinier, Marcos and Satwat which made me proud. This is a really good feeling, helping others was the best thing I’ve done this week.

After lunch I learnt something new! We had to “clone” using Boostrap a Trello board. It was easy knowing how some things works in CSS, I was able to help Marcos too.

Learning HTML & CSS with Javi Velasco

On tuesday we have been taught some HTML & CSS best practices and I’ve shared a really useful CSS guide with my classmates, they also learned what is the DOM and its structure and a bit of responsive web design.

I was so happy…

Here is where the story starts to become dark. Why? You might ask… well we started learning JavaScript the hard way, as we knew in Ruby how to use loops, conditional statements, variables and so on we did a very very fast JS Pre Work recap. Inmediatly after the recap we focused in how to face problem solving in JS.

We spent Wednesday afternoon solving Jasmine + Koans the most funny exercise I’ve done and we have been introduced to Jasmine, the DOM-less simple JavaScript testing framework. Been said that this was the last funny day during this week is saying too much.

Javi Velasco posing

Thursday we started with Object Oriented JavaScript, asynchrony and callbacks. The day was full of information, so many things to learn and not enought time. (This is why reviewing the lesson at home was so important but this day was more important than ever).

I had a really bad day during Thursday but Friday was even worst. I know noone can learn so much but that is why this is an intensive Bootcamp, isn’t it?

I’ve been told by Lluis, the Teacher Assistant to slice problems in small pieces to find the solution. Having a big problem and dividing it in small chunks is the hardest thing for me right now. I have no experience in problem solving and how to face them.

I did a one-on-one with Alfonso a Teacher Assistant and helped me a lot. I had a lack of confidence and for sure he told me how I’m doing, what to improve, what to review and some new exercises to do during the weekend.

On Friday we had to do a JavaScript Quiz:

This is about as simple as it sounds, let's create a command line game in Node that asks the user questions, and allows the user to answer.

What a terrible experience, but after ending classes on Friday we went out together to Isaura’s bar, we spend four hours talking to each other and having fun. Was a great week after all.

This was the hardes week so far, only because of JavaScript, it was really difficult.

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