Ironhack journal - Week[2]

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Test Driven Development

First of all we didn’t know before what TDD is, so to clear things a little bit lets read the Wikipedia definition:

Test-driven development (TDD) is a software development process that relies on the repetition of a short development cycle: requirements are turned into very specific test cases, then the software is improved to pass the new tests, only. This is opposed to software development that allows software to be added that isn't proven to meet requirements.

We met Jake a Senior Back-end Developer at Glownet the person with more energy I’ve ever met. It was a pleasure to have him as our main teacher during this week.

Ironhack Teacher: Jake

Jake with a hanger

This week we started by learning Sinatra a small framework to build Ruby apps.

We tested our Ruby logic using Sinatra to bring our code to the web browser.

We were tought how HTTP works (as a static state). We also were tought how TDD works:

Write a failing test > Make the test pass > Refactor > Start writing another failing test.

As Jake said, no one has ever writen good code at their first time, so the best way to train yourself is to write a test so it would help you to your code before you start coding.

We spent Thursday’s afternoon learning what agile methodologies are, we did an exercise together. The purpouse of this exercise was to pass a ball to every classmate without passing it to the nearest one, and the guy/girl who took the ball from the basket needed to throw the ball and had to put it in a box as the last member of the chain.

First we couldn’t put any ball inside the box but in the 5th iteration we managed to put 35 (if I remember correctly). Was a funny afternoon but most importantly we learned that the best thing to do is to code, ship it, if it doesn’t work refactor and re-ship it.

The principle of agile methodologies is to do small taks in a short period of time and ship as fast as you can.

We’ve also been pair programming every day in the afternoon with the help of Pomodoro Technic, 25min developing, 5min resting.

Ironhack Teacher: Jake

Satwat, Marcos, Reinier, Nacho

During this week, we had the pleasure to have Bryan McEire, SPORTAHOME’s CTO to show us how the’ve tested Front-end and on Thursday we had a talk by Emilio García from CartoDB to show us how they’ve used Atomic Design to structure CartoDB’s website.

Movie Lovers Exercise

This week has been an interesting one, we’ve been testing the 90% of our time and only 10% coding. It was a good week, lot of good stuff but on Friday I’ve been trying to test in our weekly exercise.

We are going to create a movie quiz web app!! So lets see the main points of our quiz:

I have to say that this week we spent 6 days at Ironhack school, so the Saturday we came to do a JavaScript small recap.

This week we will have Javi Velasco a Front-end Developer to teach us HTML, CSS and JavaScript, so I can’t wait this beautiful part of Web Development to start!

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