Ironhack journal - Week[0] and Week[1]

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My application at Ironhack

I felt this previous months of learning experince was slow so at May 5th. I’ve decided to apply at Ironhack, after a personal interview with Claudia Losada the Admissions Manager I did a programming test to know if I had the logic to be part of the Bootcamp, I was scared about the test but with a little guidance of the Lead Teacher I finished the test, it was easy, I hope it had helped me enougth to learn how to face the logic problems in Ruby and JavaScript. On May 13th I recived an email (one hour before I ended the Ruby logic test) to notify me I was accepted!

From May 30th to June 3rd we did a PreWork recap (I only had two weeks to do some of the prework), I’ve almost finished my PreWork except for the last 3 exercises of Ruby and JavaScript which I’ve started learning a couple of months ago but I’ve stoped learning it due to new projects such as WeCodeSign Podcast, my Spanish Podcast about Web Design and Development.

I’ve met Isaura and LLuis, both teacher assistants and such amazing people, they helped sooo much…

They are also on Slack at nights to help us if we have problems at home.

We are from very different parts, Reinier (from the Netherlands), Nacho (from Spain), Alejandro (from Spain), Daniel (from Germany), Satwat (from the UK), Magnus (from Norwey), Marcos (from France), Fernanda and Tristán (from Spain).

Ironhack cohort June 2016 Madrid

Claudia (AM), Isaura (TA), Tristan, me, Reinier, Marcos, Satwat, Fernanda, Daniel, LLuis (TA)

Manu (ex-LT), Alex, Magnus, Nacho

Next eight weeks, from June 6th to July 29th I’ll be working extremely hard to confront the biggest challenge I’ve faced in the last years of my life. I was freaking myself out for the intensity of the week. I can say now it’s going better than I had anticipated.

We spent the week learning the basics of Ruby and using Git via command line. I felt like I was stupid and completly lost and went home quite worried about my progress, but as long as I never give up it will be ok.

We had a really inspiring chat with Ironhackers of previous cohorts Rachel Guerin, Chema Muñoz and another guy I cant remember his name, they helped us to see how the’ve faced their Bootcamp. I just kept thinking about the words of wisdom Chema told to me. He also told me that the first three weeks were really difficult, and suddenly it began making sense.


I’ve been trying to write more so this is a great experience to share with you all.

I’m not really a blog kind of person, but I try hard to keep my website up to date and I like sharing this page with many people. I’ll be sharing how I’m feeling throughout the Ironhack Bootcamp and hopefully I’ll be able to look back at this first post when I am a successfully employed web developer.

I am anxious, extremely anxious. I’m trying not to let it get to me but I have so many doubts about if I’ll be able to learn Ruby and JavaScript. I know I’m a smart person but I feel I don’t have the logic to face Ruby problems right now but coding generally makes me feel so stupid. Seems so simple for others… Actually, writing this all out makes me realize something. I am not stupid but I don’t know very much, even the basic stuff. I’m quite perfectionist and is hard to realize I need to spend lot of time learning how to program. I need to learn a lot in order to make this experience worth my time and money.

And here is the hard part: sometimes I question myself if I’ll be able to be a good front-end soon. To be honest, I love it, so much, I’ve found two years ago what is my passion. No one tells you how hard was to become a successful developer.

Ironhack Week 1 - Photo 1

Its Friday!

Some days I was able to grasp the material instantly and other days it took hours googling for help at Google and Stackoverflow. Friday was a hell making an exercise called Chess Validator, we weren’t able to write the program that should validate whether the move wou want to make is legal or not by every single pice you are using. We had to use inheritance, mixins, duck types and composition rules.

Friday evening some of us joined our instructors and the co-founder, Gonzalo and Ironhackers from previous cohorts. It was actually a meet-up for Ironhackers!

I now feel like I’m truly part of Ironhack comunity, and that my future will be better every day.

I almost forgot to mention that we are ten studens in my cohort and only one girl. I think we need more woman in this amazing industry.

Anyway, today is day 5 of week 1. I’m scared but I’ll never give up. Stay tuned for the next week post.

Can’t wait for week 2 to start!

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