My next step learning and New Year's Resolutions

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Learning JavaScript

JavaScript for Kids (book)
JavaScript for Kids

I know, I know, we are in the middle of February and New Year’s Resolutions are not something to talk about now, but I’ve been quite busy with a big project, (so I couldn’t have time to update my WebSite and blog a lot). For me it is time to say what are my New Year’s Resolutions and my next step learning Front-end Development is to start learning JavaScript.

Cause as we all know one of the best things in our industry is to learn new things everyday.

As many of my coworkers know, I’ve been writing HTML and CSS a couple of years in my projects so, after my last permanent job in Martin & Young, a small digital agency in Madrid I had the time to start reading several books such as JavaScript for Kids & Eloquent JavaScript but as they have exercises to do, I left them halfway.

Front-end is more than writing CSS and HTML, I thought is time now to learn JavaScript and the last ECMAScript 6 specification so I started looking for an online course or an affordable Bootcamp and my research took me to FreeCodeCamp a place where you can learn full-stak Web Development.

I thought it was made for me because you’ll be learning some of the most common things you are asked to know in a Front-end Development position.

Here are the things you’ll learn in FreeCodeCamp:

Eloquent JavaScript (book)
Eloquent JavaScript

I started the Front-end path first, and took me only six days to get to the point where I am now.

The first part was HTML5 and CSS (5 hours), then Responsive Design with Boostrap (5 hours) the popular HTML5 & CSS3 framework, but it was quite easy only because I knew it, but for someone who has never written code would be harder.

Then I’ve started with jQuery that only took me 3 hours and know, what I’ve been looking for, JavaScript, that’s the point where I am. I’ve been only one day learning the basics of JavaScript (variables, data types which are undefined, null, Boolean, string, symbol…) and I am really excited with the experience of FreeCodeCamp. For know it was so easy and boring… (remember I knew HTML and CSS) but now I hope that things are challenging.

New Year’s Resolutions

This is what I am doing this days. After all this is what a one year and a half Front-end Developer should be doing I guess.

I have neglected my website due to lack of time but things gonna change.

I decided to publish one Developer Interview every week, to write one Blog post and to write about one of the Projects I’ve been doing the last few months. With this I’ll force myself to write more on my WebSite. Also I’ve dedided to dedicate one day every week polishing my WebSite and another watching a Front-end Development video from a Conference.

See you next week.

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